AnakBrunei Charity Calendar 2007

by Reedz on December 13, 2006


Couple of days ago, fellow poklen and rabid blogger Ziq mentioned that he would be placing his order for my calendar. Well Ziq, its time to put your money where your mouth is!

Presenting the inaugural, exclusive Calendar 2007! It features some of my favorite works from this year. Obviously having to choose only 12 photos out of hundreds means some of my other favorites get left behind…

This glossy calendar is printed on photographic quality paper and comes in A4 size ONLY. It’s printed individually so you can personalize it with a line of text of your choosing (e.g. names, special message etc) at the bottom.

How much is it you ask? Well, it’s gonna cost you B$5.00 for each of these babies… WAIT! Before you start thinking its a ripoff, think about this… for every calendar sold, HALF will be donated to SMARTER Brunei – Society for the Management of Autism Related issues in Training, Education and Resources.

Pretty good value considering you will be buying an exclusive calendar (sure beats one of those half-assed free calendars that everyone will have lying around!) with twelve ORIGINAL photographic works by yours truly, AND you’d be doing your good deed for the day by donating to SMARTER Brunei.

All this for the price of a cafe latte? Nuff sed… click here to order and I will be in touch to arrange payment and delivery… even for you folks outside Brunei, we will arrange something. Anything for charity…

Note: While this is a small-scale personal project of mine, I am also looking at a larger scale, commercially printed charity calendar with the works of all the ultra talented Bruneian photobloggers out there. So all you Bruneian photobloggers, if you think this is a project you’d like to contribute to, click here to let me know!

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